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 Privacy Tint offers thermal Security Films that can deter intruders from breaking windows and gaining entry into your home. We can also insulate your windows and protect against harmful UV rays by reducing the amount of heat and glare you must endure while enjoying your home.  Everyone enjoys having windows, it is no longer necessary to keep drapes closed to provide privacy and security.
                                                              Why choose Security Film?             
 - Security Film increases tensile strength of the glass by binding it together. This means Intruders will have to repeatedly hit the glass, which will allow the occupants in the house time to take the appropriate action. Security Film is a fast and easy extra layer of added protection for you and your loved ones within your home. 
I have an alarm system, won't the police come quickly?
        - An activated alarm is not considered a life threatening emergency. This means that after a call is made to the owner or designated responder to confirm the alarm is not false, the proper authorities will then be notified. The average response time is 15 minutes. Having alternative safety measures is a proactive defense against intruders and would-be thieves.
        We offer free replacement of our Security Film in the event that your window needs to be replaced due to burglary or vandalism.
         Natural disasters and power outages can tie up a lot of our city resources. Having an extra level of protection during these times adds to peace of mind.
    Installing Security Film at your business or office is a must for protecting the assets of a business. High insurance premiums and high cooling costs can be mitigated with a fast and easy upgrade. Please call us at (918) 734-8601 for a custom quote.
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