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Privacy Tint can add Window Film to your home that can reduce energy consumption and increase comfort. The film will also increase security, which will improve resale value as well as enhance curb appeal. 
We install Johnson Window Film that can reduce the amount of heat up to 78%. This simple reduction of heat efficiently allows the film to pay for itself in a short amount of time. Window Film for your windows and glass doors is a cost effective investment that is quick and easy.
We offer residential Window Film that comes in many different styles, shades and composites. Currently, we install metalized, ceramic, and dual reflective Window Film that will save energy as well as increase both comfort and security. There is comfort in knowing that not only are you saving money, you are increasing safety by reducing outside visibility into your home. Another safety feature is that your Window Film will bind your glass in to one cohesive piece that will retain its shape if damaged.
Our Window film provides protection from damaging  UV rays that can hurt sensitive eyes and skin, leaving you free to enjoy  beautiful sunshine in your home without compromising comfort & privacy.  
UV rays are also powerful enough to damage paintings and fade expensive furniture. Investing in Window Film can allow you to rest easier knowing your loved ones and belongings are safer from the outside elements.
Privacy Tint offers many unique shades of films. One-way privacy tint, dual reflective films and many decorative films. Depending on the type of window and direction it faces, we can help you select a film to help you reach your goals. Different films can provide you with many options to make your home more attractive & secure. Some window types affect the Window Film we are able to install. We offer fast & professional installation that will suit all your needs.  Call us today, we look forward to serving you!
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