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Privacy Tint cares about your vehicle and is dedicated to providing you with the best Window Film, best prices and top notch service. All Window Film is cut by computer to ensure accuracy, consistency and fit.
If you are concerned about protecting your auto investment from high heat and UV damage, we offer films that can reduce both. As always, all of our installations come with the benefits of shade at no additional cost to you!
                    Prices start @:
                Front roll ups - $75
                Reg Cab Trucks - $125
                Ext & Crew Cab - $175
                Coupes - $175
                Sedans - $200
                Boats/Bobcats/Farming Implements
                Call for Quote
Most Sedans can be done within three (3)hours. At Privacy Tint we have a comfortable waiting area with refreshments to relax in. We also offer free WiFi for those who need to stay connected. 
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